Industry Update: DOEE Announces Proposed Amendments to D.C. Mold Regulation

October 10, 2018

On September 25, the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) sent a letter to all licensed Mold Assessment and Remediation professionals notifying them of the proposed amendments to the District of Columbia Mold Assessment and Remediation Regulation.

This proposed rulemaking, which was published in the D.C. Register on September 21, “amends the Mold Assessment and Remediation Licensure Regulations in Chapter 32 of Title 20 DCMR to prohibit a mold assessor and mold remediator from performing both mold assessment and mold remediation on the same project, to ensure an impartial verification of work and to align the District’s mold requirements with similar remediation requirements in the lead and asbestos programs.”

This proposed rulemaking also amends the notification requirements in subsection § 3204.7(c), “to specify that the licensed mold assessment or remediation professional must provide a verification form to the client whether the property owner or another party.”

In addition, the proposed rulemaking “clarifies the definition of “visible” to specify that visible mold can be identified by a layperson or by mold professionals using industry practices such as moisture mapping.”

Click here to review the proposed amendments in full.

The public comment period is now open. All persons desiring to comment on the proposed regulations should file comments in writing no later than forty-five (45) days after the publication of the notice in the D.C. Register. Comments should identify the commenter and be clearly marked “2018 Mold Amendment Proposed Rule.” Comments may be: (1) mailed or hand-delivered to DOEE, 1200 First Street N.E., 5th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20002, Attention: DOEE Pesticide Regulations, or (2) sent by e-mail to keith.keemer@dc.gov, with the subject indicated as “2018 Mold Amendment Proposed Rule.”